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Our Concept

Here at Bespoke Luxury Concept, we have cultivated a superior expertise in designing and producing bespoke Swiss Watches and Fine Jewellery. Driven by a passion for unique design, we have served our discerning clients a high caliber of unique timepieces and elegant jewellery for over 10 years.

We’re proud of the work we do. The pieces we create become the most prized treasures of any personal collection.

We take the time, care and attention to realise your intentions for each piece that we design.

We are committed to crafting to the highest standards when we manufacture your bespoke, luxury pieces. We’ll listen to your wants and needs for each piece and meet them with a level of excellence in design and craftsmanship that is rooted in high-end research and development experience.

Our pieces are rare and unique in their look and feel.

We have refined the most intricate methods and processes for fine jewellery and timepiece creation. Our originality is achieved through custom dial making, distinctive coating textures and unusual combinations of metals and other materials, with delicate gem stone setting, into both the jewellery and watch cases, for the more elaborate pieces.

Our designs are made to be worn. While their aesthetic sophistication is paramount, we choose our materials with wearability and comfort in mind. No compromises.


Bespoke Luxury Concept delivers functional, timeless elegance. Every time.