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The 6 step rule to helping you find the perfect diamond.

1.Choose your SHAPE

Start by choosing a diamond shape you like. Every diamond expresses its own flare of design and is classed into one of these shapes listed below.

Round Brilliant, Princess Cut, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Oval, Cushion, Pear, Heart, Radiant, Trillion


2.Find the perfect CARAT

Do not mistaken Carat as the size of the diamond. Carat is the measurement for a diamond's weight. A one diamond carat can vary in size and the more a carat weighs this will increase the price of the stone.

3.Check the COLOR

Each diamond is graded, it starts alphabetically from D being the whitest grade (colourless) to Z (slightly yellow). The higher the grade the more expensive it becomes. If you are looking for actual coloured diamonds please contact us for further information.

diamond colour.png

4. See the CUT

Cutting and polishing a diamond requires high expertise, the more symmetrical the cut and polish the better it is for a diamond's sparkle. The grading starts from good to excellent being the most symmetrical cut for a diamond.

5. Look for the CLARITY

To have a diamond with no inclusions is the main indicator of a really good diamond, but nearly every diamond will have small impurities. Inclusions can be naked to the eye and the only way to check a diamond thoroughly is by using a loupe. Depending on the size and location of an inclusion in a diamond it all plays a part on the price. Ideally for diamonds with none or miniscule inclusions you should look for a diamond clarity rating of FL-IF or VVS. Grades from SI1-VS will contain more inclusions than Flawless clarity diamonds but will still be undetectable by the naked eye.

diamond clarity_1.jpg

6. Make sure it's CERTIFIED

It's always best to purchase a diamond that is certified, it will include all the description about the stone on the certificate. Most diamonds are certified under GIA, EGL USA, IGI, AGS, EGL International.

If you need more help in finding the perfect diamond please contact us.